Dev Day & team-building trip in the mountains

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The coronavirus pandemic has made many changes to our daily lives. Working in a home office mode has become a common practice. While from a technical point of view it is not a problem for us, we missed direct contact with our team. That is why we decided to organize an integration trip in a mountain climate.

Our team and communication

In our daily team work, we use tools such as Basecamp, Trello, Slack or Zoom for efficient communication. However, there is no substitute for face-to-face meetings. Especially that new people joined our team and we just wanted to get to know each other.

Dev Day

Integration trips are a great way to spend time together, but also to develop skills. We started the day with Dev Day training during which we shared knowledge from the IT world. We raised such issues:

  • A pragmatic programmer
  • Practical use cases of Jira software
  • Optimal development based on Gutenberg’s blocks
  • WP-CLI Custom Commands
  • Why Component Based Development Matters

You can read more about the above issues on our There you will also find many interesting facts from the IT world.

Time to relax

After the training, we went to a beautiful place in the southern part of Poland. We chose a place close to nature for an integration trip. The picturesque village of Istebna. It is known for a long time that this is a proven way to rest. During the trip, we hiked in the mountains, watched the Euro 2020 match Poland-Spain and spent time together eating grilled sausages.

The whole trip is a large dose of knowledge and great fun with a well-coordinated team.

It was definitely not our last trip together!

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