If you would like to forget about all the stressful situations related to maintenance of a website, look no further! We provide professional support to small and medium-sized enterprises, organizations and all types of businesses.

What is this service all about?

We do all the difficult and technical work for our clients, related to:

  • security
  • daily maintenance
  • updating
  • creating backup copies
  • altering and enhancing websites
  • entering content into websites

Moreover, we provide all the necessary help and answer WordPress-related questions.

Who needs these services and why?

In our opinion, every company, for which a website is the central element of its business, needs professional support.

The Internet is an unpredictable and constantly changing environment. Thus, steady service, efficient plugin and the entire WordPress system updates, as well as taking care of the security of a website, allow you to avoid many problems and significant costs related to fixing them.

What dangers await website owners?

  • Your website can be attacked by a virus, a trojan, or spammers hiding malicious links on it. Every day, hundreds, and even thousands of websites experience problems, which may even result in the sites disappearing from Google search results.
  • Oops! It is not uncommon that an unfortunate set of events or a simple human mistake causes a page to disappear or makes an error message display instead of it.
  • Graphic templates and WordPress plugins that are not updated regularly may cause problems with compatibility and an erroneous performance of an entire website.
  • Lack of experience often leads to a situation, where a business does not fully utilize its capabilities which a properly optimized website provides.

Each of these situations puts your business in a bad light and exposes you to financial loses. You can, however, avoid all of these situations with our help, and in case they should arise anyway, you can swiftly fix the problem.

Current maintenance and ensuring proper functioning of a website is the work, that it is best to entrust specialist with.

Monthly service package

What do you get in the package?

  • Updates – WordPress and its plugins are updated frequently, be it security reasons, or new functionalities. This entire process is more or less unpredictable. We make sure that every update runs smoothly. We also take care of testing the proper functioning of a website after an update is completed.
  • Backup copies – Good practices call for protecting yourself in case of various problems, and one of the most secure solutions is having constantly updated copies of your website in a place independent from your hosting provider, easily accessible even in case of a major breakdown of the currently used server.
  • Security – Monitoring security and ensuring extra solutions is particularly important for websites performing business functions. Our packages include additional security measures, increasing the WordPress security level. We monitor your website, and should the need arise, run the necessary updates. You do not have to ask for anything or remind us – we keep taking care of the security of your website.
  • Reporting – In the real business world, the mere fact of having a website is not enough. It is good to know what actually happens on the website, however, the owners often lack time, as well as proper knowledge to draw conclusions from the data made available in sophisticated analytics tools. Thus, we offer monthly reporting, included in the packages, focused on presenting brief and simple summary, that describes all the crucial statistical data, as well as changing trends and single events worth noting.
  • Programming and graphic works – Depending on the package you choose, you receive a certain amount of hours to be spent on various website-related works. It can be a programmer working on new functions for your website, entering new content by a Help Desk clerk, Search Engine Optimization, or a graphic designer tailoring new banners. Our entire team is at your disposal.
  • Help Desk – We will answer all your questions regarding the use of WordPress.