Gutenberg & Javascript – the new era in WordPress world

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What is Gutenberg and why it is so big for WordPress platform? And why Javascript should become the main focus area for all WordPress developers?

Love it or hate it, WordPress is BIG and will be even BIGGER in following years. Millions of businesses and regular users loved WordPress for its simplicity and ease of use. Back in 2009 it was a default choice to build a professional blog. Fast forward to 2019 it is a default choice to build any kind of business related websites. 

WordPress 5.0 brought a totally new default content editor named Gutenberg. It changed everything, it was very confusing and considered a total disaster by the community of WordPress Nerds.

There is one thing that people don’t like at all. It is the change. If you tell them that they need to learn again how to use (or code) WordPress because it will be whole new experience they don’t care – they just refuse.


I am really glad that it happened and it moved the whole WordPress platform light years ahead.

For us at WP Served it is quite a challenge. We need to learn fast and be flexible to meet the new requirements and to change our thinking. Switching from simple text editor to this new Gutenberg thing creates endless possibilities and it’s all build into the WordPress core. 

Suddenly (well not really) Javascript became the most important piece of technology that you (developer) need to know to build great online products with WordPress.

What does it mean for all of us?

More or less WordPress platform made a huge step forward and i am very excited about new possibilities that Gutenberg brings to the table.

It will allow us – WordPress developers – to deliver more user friendly backend experience and to create simple yet still powerful tools for our clients. This is what made WordPress so popular at the beginning and what was lost for some time. Right now are back on track.

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