We are in love with WordPress since 2008

Today we are in 2014 and WordPress gained one fifth of CMS based websites. It has happened bacause web design and development companies from around the world recognized WP as the best, powerfull, flexible and user-friendly content management system.

Especially promising is WordPress adoption by big corporations and brands who don’t want to be tied up to out-dated dedicated platforms, which are usually very expensive and difficult to maintain.

When we started working with WordPress it was primarily known as a blogging platform. And it didn’t offer much more at that time.

Today we can see the WordPress as a powerfull web framework on which we can build advanced services and web applications.

WordPress only?

YES! We have a lot of experience with other platforms like Joomla, Drupal, Prestashop etc. but the WordPress is the one we’ve fallen in love with.

In our opinion it’s the most promising CMS system:

  • the most user-frienldy,
  • relatively easy and fast to develop,
  • great value for money.

We have been working with WordPress for 6 years and we are sure, that’s the only one we wan’t to use by ourselfs and offer to our clients.

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