Why we love WordPress sooo much

Back in 2014 we decided to give up on other open source platforms and focus 100% on WordPress. It was really good decision and we want to tell you why.

Super active and diverse community

Attending WordCamps and other real-life WordPress events taught us how great it is to have a world wide community of passionate people. This is the fuel every big idea needs. And looking from wider perspective it is only getting better and more promising.

That’s why we are quite sure WordPress as a platform will thrive in following years.

Great for nerds as well as non-technical people

WordPress is great for non-technical people. If you have just a little bit of time to read tutorial or watch “how to” YouTube video, you can build your first website in minutes.

But WordPress – in the right hands – is like a rocket engine to build virtually everything. E-commerce platform? High traffic website? Sophisticated web application? Mobile app? Simply everything is possible to do with WordPress.

Rock solid foundation for your business

In the era of SaaS (Software as a Service) having your very own piece of ground in the online world is priceless.

You can use newest business tool or social media platform, pay a small monthly fee to use powerful applications that are helping you to squeeze every last drop out of what you’ve got out there. But non of this will ever make you feel like home.

Most of the time your WordPress website is the only place where you have 100% control in your online business.

…and a million more reasons

WordPress is easy to use. WordPress is free. WordPress is friendly. WordPress is the future…

That is why we love it so much and why we are happy to build our and your business with WordPress.

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