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WordPress is simply a great rocket engine for building business class tools. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a website, e-commerce solution or complex web application. Let me tell you how it works and what is the biggest misconception about using WordPress by businesses.

I have heard that countless times. Simply put: WordPress is GREAT way to validate your business idea. Just buy cheapo yet very powerful theme, install several powerful plugins, setup the whole system in hours.

What you don’t know about WordPress

Such solution won’t be perfect at all but will allow you to start fast and cost efficient, you will check what works and if it’s good idea to invest more in your business idea.

You need to know that this approach is only a TEMPORARY, short term solution. If you use to many plugins, if you use a theme overpacked with unnecessary features, you will face a lot of problems sooner than later.

For example: When it comes to updating your 30 or 40 plugins, you can start praying or keep your fingers crossed to make this overcomplicated WordPress installation work smoothly for your business. I am pretty sure it won’t help anyway.

Technical DEBT

Following Wikipedia:

Technical debt is a concept in software development that reflects the implied cost of additional rework caused by choosing an easy solution now instead of using a better approach that would take longer.


WordPress is a truly great engine for your online business – you just need to think about it the right way.

When you know what works and what brings you just a ton o headache you can then build the proper version of your system from scratch. It will cost you more than unstable MVP version built on top of cheap theme and too many plugins, but it will be designed to last forever and can be done with WordPress for sure. More expensive WordPress based solution will be still significantly cheaper than 100% custom made system.

How do I know I am doing it the right way?

  1. Your WP installation has up to three-four 3rd party plugins.
  2. Custom features are implemented as dedicated custom made plugins.
  3. Your theme is custom build on top of reliable html/css/js framework or trusted starter theme – it will save lots of development time and even more of your money.
  4. Your WordPress based system is super easy to update (both WP core and all plugins).

Looking back at 10 years of my experience with WordPress – these are the main factors when you think of building website or app that will work smoothly for several years. I you follow these simple steps you will be able to focus on your business, not constantly chasing developers to fix urgent and major issues.

Bullshit Bulletproof solution

Don’t get me wrong. I know that it is not applicable in 100% scenarios and WordPress is not the top choice in all cases. Also there are at least couple of great, big plugins and themes that will allow you start another Airbnb killer in less than a week. You will spend 1000$ in total and start your journey and you will be fine.

The problem is that this setup will meet requirements of 0,01% of businesses and if you take your idea seriously you have to consider spending more money and time to build a tool, system or platform that will be your bulletproof rocket to send you to Mars or a galaxy far far away.

By choosing WordPress there is quite a good chance that you will spend 10.000$ not 30.000$ to build your custom made system.

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