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Why Clients love us? Our team is very responsive, reliable, gets deadlines and we never say "it can't be done".

10+ years on the market
300+ clients
1000+ projects

We are high-end WordPress developers with a very hands on approach.

Do you have a problem to solve? We know how to make it easy to you.

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Experienced team

We make everything easy starting from initial contact. We have a lot of experience in online work with clients from various continents, so distance and time difference are not any problem for us.

For WordPress themes and plugins development we are using modern tools like Composer, npm and Webpack. All the websites that we create are Gutenberg compatible. We’re super passionate about coding standards and clean code.

We are really easy to partner with

Partnering with a vendor can be intimidating. We know that if the process is not smooth we may not have a long time client. Besides great development and our customer service, we make everything easy from initial contact, project scope, timelines and payment, and project review and deliverables. Great communication is our oxygen.

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What our Clients & Partners say

“We have worked with a dozen outsourcing companies, and WP Served is best by a great margin.” or this: “They are super responsive and hands-on, we’ve been recommending WP Served continuously.” or this: “They are exceptional, detail-oriented, proactive and basically get everything I ask done, with a minimum of guidance. Best team ever!”

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